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Our company's mission is to be recognized by both our clients and those in our industry as leading professionals in the field of private investigations.


We offer our clients all across Texas a unique blend of "Old Style Gumshoe" and modern forensic investigations.

With over 70 years of combined experience, we are uniquely quipped to handle everything from employee theft, missing persons, and complex embezzlement. Please see our list of services that we offer, and know that just because it isn't listed, does not mean that we cannot do it. Give us a call and set an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your issue.

Background Checks

Considering getting wed? How well do you know your spouse's history? What about your in-laws? Curious about the candidate that you are about to hire? Considering buying a business or taking on a new partner? Entering into a child custody battle? Know the history of anyone or anything. Call us today for a consult. .


Infidelity is a private and very painful ordeal. If you have concerns that your significant other might be seeing someone else, stop suffering the sleepless nights and doubts. Let us hold an extremely discrete investigation and get the answers you need. Call us today to talk to us about how we can help.


Need to find out what someone is up to? Need to know who is coming and going from a business or residence? Are you concerned that you are being stalked or are under surveillance? We can do on site surveillance as well as video monitoring. We utilize high end video equipment and the latest in photo and video enhancement techniques to provide you with the highest quality possible outcome.

Finding People

Long lost friend from your past? Runaway Child? Assistance locating lost family members while filling in your family tree? Our extensive search capabilities go far beyond Google search and are much more up to date than searches available to the general public.

The Dangers of working with an unlicensed Private Investigator:

1. Questionable research results.

Anyone can perform a twenty-dollar search on some site on the Internet.
Those sites often contain outdated data and can lead to a shaky foundation which can lead to an improper investigation. Solid, reliable investigation sources contain data that is considered private data, and requires verification of license through the Department of Public Safety. Any data gathered through misuse of login to a website that is for licensed Investigators and Police could lead to any evidence learned being thrown out of court.


2. Experience and Training

A licensed Private Investigator is required to go through continual education which much be from a validated source and submitted to the Department of Public Safety.
Having access to the Professional Organizations, high quality training, and professional community of investigators and training creates an environment that will produce stronger results and more reliable information.


3. Staying Legal (Ethics and Morality)


It is illegal in the State of Texas to operate as a Private Investigator without a license.
It is never a surprise that your Pocket Card (License) or insurance is going to expire.  If a person or agency is willing to operate outside the law, not only will their evidence not be admissible in court, but if they are willing to break the law, how much trust could be provided in the area of reliability of information and quality of service?

4. Properly Vetted Professionals.

In order to get an agency license through the Texas Department of Public Safety, a person not only has to be vetted via background check, but also has to prove that they are insured via transmittance directly from the insurance company to the TXDPS. DPS verifies that they are a registered entity and that all business licenses are legitimate and current. When you chose a licensed professional, you know that you are getting someone willing to go distance to insure they are serious about their business, and you can bet they will be serious about yours.


If you are interviewing Private Investigators and would like to know if the person you are talking to is legitimate, take no excuses, if they are not on the DPS site as an agency or licensed person, THEN THEY ARE NOT LICENSED.

You can check for yourself here:

Our Business & Organizational Services

( included but not limited to )

Retrieving valuable data from computers, smart phones, and other devices (Full Digital Forensics)

Conducting background checks on potential new employees

Checking the legitimacy of insurance claims

Embezzlement, employee theft, dishonest employees, and worker's compensation investigations.

Locating Debtors for invoice collection

Process Service of vital legal documents and other paperwork

Property Surveillance

Full Litigation Support (Witness location, video witness statements, crime scene investigation, criminal investigation, court testimony, etc)


Memberships that matter





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